Musica con messaggi veritieri e libertari

The Sound of Freedom, brani di musica “sveglia” mixati da Mark Devlin:

(E’ presente il testo delle canzoni nella maggior parte dei video, a volte si trova nella descrizione)

The Founders, I Believe in Anarchy (Cover):

Joe Murray, Fuck Government (The Anarchist Anthem):

DISL Automatic ft. Demion, Serve The Beast:

DISL Automatic, Tha Voyce & TruthSeekah, Bust Back:

Homage, The Awakening:

K-Rino, Intro (Annihilation of The Evil Machine):

Alais Clay, New World Police State:

K-Rino, Hidden Agenda:

Homage, Digital Clouds:

Homage, Mind Control World Control:

DISL Automatic, They Don’t Care About Us:

Homage, War Is Peace:

DISL Automatic, The Ambush:

DISL Automatic, War On Drugs Is a War On Us:

Dead By Sunrise, Walking In Circles:

K-Rino, Perfect World:

Linkin Park, Robot Boy:

DISL Automatic ft. SinTheSis, Matter of Time:

Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror:

DISL Automatic, The Sound of Freedom:

DISL Automatic, Revolution of Self:

DISL Automatic, The Reminder:

Diabolic, A.M.E.R.I.C.A.:

DISL Automatic ft. Steve Grant, Gladiators:

Tina Turner, We Don’t Need Another Hero:

Cathedral, Freedom:

Rush, Freewill:

Fabrizio De André, Inno alla Libertà:

Queen & David Bowie, Under Pressure:

Industry, State of The Nation:

Inner Circle, Bad Boys:

DISL Automatic ft. Steve Grant, Stand Tall 2:

KRS One, Sound of Da Police:

Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start the Fire:

Enigma, Silent Warrior:

Shooter Jennings, Summer of Rage:

Public Enemy, Fight the Power:

John Farnham, You’re The Voice:

DISL Automatic, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars:

DISL Automatic, Crown Virus:

Mark Knopfler, Camerado:

DISL Automatic ft. Joe Murray, Natural Law:

Sons of Liberty, Don’t Tread On Me:

Joe Murray ft. DISL Automatic, Final Stand:

Sons of Liberty, We The People:

Robbie Robb, In Time:

Seal, Crazy:

Joe Murray, Sky’s The Limit:

Five Finger Death Punch, Living The Dream:

Iron Maiden, The Prisoner: